Sports Managers of SUM on an internship at the World Cup 2018

We continue our weekly digest "Sports managers of GUU at the World Cup 2018" and we publish information about our students who undergo an internship at different positions and facilities, including Luzhniki stadium and Spartak stadium, at the festival of fans, as part of service work with the audience, as part of volunteering in the city and airports.

Today we will tell you about the position of "City volunteers”

One of the first to welcome guests - “City volunteers”. We talked with a student of the 1st year of the bachelor's program “Management in the sports industry” Vladislav Tregubov:

Vladislav, please tell us how do you manage to get to the World Cup?

At the very beginning, such organization as Mosvolonter came to our Center and told us how the World Cup will be held, and what volunteers are needed. After the master class, I applied and I was called back! Then I had an interview, where I was tested for knowledge of the English language and city attractions, and was successful!

What position will you take?

As a result of the interview, I become a part of “City volunteers”. Our department  begins to work first. As a future Sports Manager, I must take part in the organization of such an event. Even if you think that your functionality is insignificant and does not give you anything, it is not so, you should be able to benefit from everything for yourself, gain experience, analyze and apply the experience in further practice.

How are your first working days?

I have already passed 5 shifts: at the very beginning of the working day team leader distributes responsibilities: navigation, registration, assistance or direct issuance of accreditation. The media and volunteers of other functions are already coming to us, and I communicate with them directly - they issue accreditation. I made a lot of new friends, and besides, it's always nice to see people and make them full volunteers.

Also our student of the 3rd year of the bachelor's program “Management in the sports industry” Logvina Sofia takes part  in the World Cup 2018 on the position of “City volunteers”.

Sofia, why did you decide to become a World Cup volunteer?

At the beginning of the year, Igor Kolesov, the director of Sports and Event Management Center, held a meeting with our course and told us how such events are held, and that we as future managers are definitely obliged to take part in it.

Despite the fact that my professional interest is related to the fitness industry, I as a future sports manager should be familiar with all kinds of competitions and with all kinds of sports, if I want to be successful in my future profession. I had a chance to get the necessary experience at such an event! In addition to the fact that the World Cup takes place every 4 years, it is for the first time in Russia. I can't miss it!

How did you become a team leader and what is your functionality?

Like Vladislav, I applied through the volunteer center and passed tests. My function is "City volunteer" in the accreditation center. And now I train volunteers: as a curator I control a group of 10 people, they are assigned to me for the entire period of the World Cup, and as a team leader I control volunteers on shifts, determine positions, answer their questions, solve disputable situations. I am very happy to be a team leader, the atmosphere is unforgettable, all the guys are very positive, I met a lot of new friends!

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